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Welcome to our hiking / backpacking club! You will find many things here; how to get started, backpacking tips, and much more. 

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Backpacking Basics

A Preview of what you can learn at Mountain Blazers Online

How to Treat Water                          Bear Bags

Tent Buying Guide              Hiking Terminology

More on Backpacking

Read articles from Jerry or come hiking with us

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The Benefits of Backpacking

1. It's recreational exercise. Not only will you burn fat from hours of hiking with a pack, over time you will gain muscle strength and stamina.


2. Hiking in the wilderness is healthy for the mind and spirit. It is a time proven stress relief activity. Being a part of nature provides a temporary release from the daily stressors of life.

3. Spending time in nature is educational and provides perspective on our environment. You might even learn that many of your fears of wildlife are unfounded.

4. Hiking and camping will present challenges and take you out of your comfort zone. This leads to a feeling of accomplishment and a greater sense of self-worth.


How to Learn Backpacking at

Start by reading through our section Intro to Backpacking. Then read through the articles which most interests you in our section Hiking w/ Jerry. And third, get out there in the wilderness. Hike, camp, and come back with stories. You even have the option to join us on an adventure!

Searching for a place to learn the basics about hiking and camping in the mountains? Search no further. From your first purchase of hiking gear, to setting up your campsite, we'll lead you step by step. With the Mountain Blazers you can learn by reading or learn by doing.

If you prefer to learn by reading the experiences of others, this section is for you. Jerry writes about his experiences out in the wilderness. Things he learned which often led to the gear he owns. No matter your level of hiking experience you should find something useful here.

Physical Fitness

Trail hiking with backpacks over extended periods of time will lead to a high level of physical fitness. If it's your first hike, are you ready for that 2-day, 18-mile trip? It's great to be excited about backpacking, but you might want to consider an easy, short trail for your first adventure in the mountains. Learn more in our Introduction to Backpacking section.

What Jerry Carries

Hikers are individuals. Though the basics are similar (backpack, sleeping bag, food), the specifics of what we each carry can be very different. Find the article, "What's In My Pack", to learn what Jerry carries.

What to Bring

You probably realize you need a pack, a sleeping bag, and something to sleep in like a tent or hammock. Have you considered the clothes you will wear while hiking verses the clothes you will wear at the campsite? There's an important difference. Learn about it in our Backpacking Gear section.

The Elements

At some point in your hiking life you will encounter rain. The Mountain Blazers have been through some intense rain storms. Search articles in Hiking w/ Jerry to learn how he has dealt with the elements.

What's for dinner?

Most hikers today eat freeze dried meals for dinner (just add hot water). Meal planning is an essential part of backpacking, especially if you plan to be out for multiple days. In our section, Planning Your Trip, you can learn how to plan for 3 meals a day. Especially dinner; the meal which can bring you happiness after a tough day hiking in the elements.

A warm cup of Jo

You can enjoy coffee on the trail without it holding you up in the morning. Learn how to enjoy a cup of Jo every morning with ease. Jerry uses a collapsable pour-over cone. Read Jerry's article Coffee in my Sleeping Bag to learn more.

Join us on an Adventure

We are not trail guides. Whether you are new to backpacking, or an experienced backpacker, or somewhere in between, we welcome you to join us on one of our trips. If new to backpacking we can meet with you before the trip to check your gear and make sure you posses the minimum required gear to join us. We have group leaders who can provide assistance out on the trail and at the campsite. Experienced or not, after your first trip you can become a member.

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Interested in becoming a Mountain Blazer? You can find more information here.


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