Jerry on The Appalachian Trail

Trail Name "Monsoon"

Progress to Date:  291.6 miles

North Carolina

Wesser - Fontana Dam Shelter


Neel Gap - Unicoi Gap


Longest section:  39.1 miles (3 days, 3 nights)

Favorite Section:  Clingmans Dome, NC to Davenport, TN

Solo Sections:  Two (27.3 miles & 24.4 miles)

North Carolina (solo)

Winding Stair Gap - Wesser

North Carolina

Fontana Dam - Clingmans Dome

North Carolina / Georgia

Deep Gap - Dicks Creek


Dicks Creek - Unicoi

North Carolina (solo)

Deep Gap - Winding Stair Gap

North Carolina / Tennessee

Clingmans Dome - Davenport

North Carolina / Tennessee

Sam's Gap - Nolichucky River


Iron Mtn Gap - Nolichucky River


Springer Mtn - Neel Gap

Chronological Progress
27.3 mile section - Jul 29th to Jul 31st, 2015

NoBo: Winding Stair Gap, NC to Wesser (Nantahala river), NC  - solo hike

34.1 mile section - Jul 7th to Jul 9th, 2017

NoBo: Fontana Dam, NC to Clingmans Dome, NC

15.8 mile section - Sep 14th to Sep 15th, 2019

SoBo: Deep Gap, NC to Dicks Creek Gap, GA

16.7 mile section - May 23rd to May 24th, 2020

SoBo: Dicks Creek Gap, GA to Unicoi Gap, GA

7.7 mile section - Jun 17th, 2020

Virginia Creeper Trail Intersection to Whitetop Mtn, VA

24.4 mile section - Jun 26th to Jun 28th, 2020

NoBo: Deep Gap, NC to Winding Stair Gap, NC  - solo hike

39.1 mile section - Jul 23rd to Jul 26th, 2020

NoBo: Clingmans Dome, NC to Davenport (TN32/NC284), TN 

24.6 mile section - Sep 12th to Sep 13th, 2020

NoBo: Sams Gap, NC to Chestoa (Nolichucky river), TN

20.2 mile section - Sep 26th to Sep 27th, 2020

SoBo: Iron Mtn Gap, TN to Chestoa (Nolichucky river), TN

29.2 mile section - Oct 9th to Oct 11th, 2020

NoBo: Wesser, NC to Fontana Dam Shelter, NC

21.2 mile section - Oct 16th to Oct 18th, 2020

NoBo: Neel Gap, GA to Unicoi Gap, GA

31.3 mile section - Oct 30th to Nov 1st, 2020

NoBo: Springer Mtn, GA to Neel Gap, GA

I hope to someday thru-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Maybe by 2025 or 2026. Until then I'll continue to track my progress, one section at a time.

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