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Scheduled Mountain Blazer Adventures

Available Mountain Blazer Trips

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March or April


Introductory Camping with short hike, or day hike at Table Rock State Park

June 8th or 9th

Introductory Camping with short hike

Mid to Late June

TBD - Weekday

13.7 Mile Loop

Black Balsam Knob

A Preview of Possible 2020 Excursions

These Are Tentative - Dates & Places Could Change

Table Rock State Park

Feb 2020 to April 2020 (TBD)

There are at least 2 day hikes at this park, both of them fairly strenuous. We will take multiple day trips, planning on lunch with beautiful views on each trip. No camping on these trips. These are great ways to keep those trail legs in shape. Only a 2-hour drive from Chapin

Overnight at Black Balsam (Sam Knob)

June 2020 (Probably June 8th & 9th)

This is an opportunity for an amazing sunset, some star gazing, and to wake up to a sunrise. We will camp where this picture was taken. The hike up to Sam Knob Bald is tough (just ask Javier), but it is a relatively short hike, and well worth the effort. We will take our time with multiple breaks. And we'll carry plenty of water. No water at the top of a mountain bald.

Smoky Mountains - Balsam Mtn Campground

July or August 2020 - TBD

This is a members only trip. Balsam Mountain campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National park affords the ability to view and photograph Elk, and maybe Black Bears. This will be a base camp trip. Hiking is optional - day hikes. Probably a 2-night stay. Reservations will be made 6 months in advance so we can get a site which allows 2 cars and 6 people.

30.1 Mile Art Loeb Trail

June or July 2020


This is one of the toughest hikes in North Carolina. We will begin at the Davison River campsite, and end at Daniel Boone campsite. This requires 3 full days of hiking. This one is more tentative than the others.

13.7 Mile Loop at Black Balsam

July 2020 (TBD)

Begins via the Art Loeb Spur trail from the Black Balsam Knob parking area. We will hike through Graveyard Fields on our way to our first waterfall. This is a two-night trip with potential swimming opportunities. Potentially a tough hike, but worth it.

Two Nights at Mt. Mitchell

July or August 2020

This is a beautiful area with great campsites, and an easy introduction to our club. This will be a Noon arrival for day one and hike about 2.5 miles to camp Maple Bald. Day two is a leisurely sleep-in morning, followed by 3 miles to Commissary Hill campsite, including a lunch stop. We will arrive at Commissary Hill early, so there will be opportunities for further day hiking on day two if desired. Day three is an easy 1.6 miles back to our vehicles.

24.4 AT Section

July 2020 (TBD)

This is from Deep Gap, NC to Winding Stair Gap, NC. Probably 2 1/2 days, 2 nights for this trip.


27.3 Mile AT Section

May or Oct 2020 (TBD)

Though only 27.3 miles, day one will be a tough hike, so this is a solid 2.5 days on the trail. Appalachian Trail from Wesser, NC (NOC), to Fontana Dam, NC. Camping altitude is not very high for the 2nd night, so this should be a spring or a fall hike.

39 Mile AT Section

Late July, early Aug 2020

This is the Appalachian Trail in the Smoky Mountains from Clingman's Dome, NC to Davenport Gap, TN. This is a 3 night, 3.5 day hiking trip. Day 1 will begin before Noon and cover 11.2 miles. Attaining permits are required for this trip.

Ready for a Backpacking Trip?


Whether you have never been hiking, or are a member of the team, once you've decided on a scheduled trip listed on this page, simply select "Join us on a Hiking/Camping trip" below, or "I'm ready to choose an Adventure" at the top of this page. You will be taken to a form to complete. Soon after submitting your answers you will receive a personalized email from a group leader or hiking buddy. This email will be tailored to your level of hiking experience, and your contact will communicate with you all the way until meeting at the trailhead. At this point your backpacking experience has begun!