March 12th - 14th

2 nights, 2 days

dates are weather dependent

significant cold or moisture will cancel this trip

24.7 or 14.3 Miles - Appalachian Trail

This is a NoBo hike on the AT. From Hwy 19E to Dennis Cove Rd.


Jerry & Andy recently hiked 10.3 miles, from 19E to Walnut Mtn Rd. We could consider making this a 14.3 mile weekend, hiking 8.2 miles on Saturday, and then 6 miles on Sunday.

Friday night, we are meeting at the Mountain Harbor Inn & Hostel at Hwy 19E, near Elk Park, NC. We will hike out early Sat morning. We will preposition vehicles, or schedule a shuttle ride for Sunday, picking us up at Noon-ish at Dennis Cove Rd.

March 26th - 28th

2 nights, 2 days

dates are weather dependent

significant cold or moisture will cancel this trip

29.2 Miles - Appalachian Trail

This is a NoBo hike on the AT in North Carolina & Tennessee. From Dennis Cove Rd. to TN91, Shady Valley.

Shuttles will need to be arranged and parking safety determined for TN91.

We will consider a short hike on Friday afternoon if we can get starting in time.

April 9th - 11th

2 nights, 2.5 days

dates are weather dependent

or this might be moved to mid June

30.6 Miles - Appalachian Trail

This is a NoBo hike. Iron Mtn Gap to Hwy 19E. Potential for cold weather camping. If no one signs up, Jerry might go solo.

This hike has high altitudes, and the potential for a great finish (meal at Mountain Harbor Inn).

Friday morning meet at the Mountain Harbor Inn & Hostel at Hwy 19E, near Elk Park, NC. We will schedule a shuttle ride to leave at 11am and drop us off at Iron Mtn Gap.

Plan to hike 6.1 miles on Friday, to camp at Clyde Smith Shelter.

NOTE: The altitudes on this route make for a great summer hike. This trip may be repeated during the summer. Or it might be moved to the summer - mid June perhaps.

May 14th to 16th

2 nights, 2 days

This hike is designed to get into / stay in shape in anticipation of the 80-mile hike

16.7 Miles - Appalachian Trail

This is a NoBo hike on the AT. From Unicoi Gap to Dicks Creek Gap in Georgia.

Friday evening we will preposition our vehicles.

This trip is dependent upon two things: the weather forecast, and the need for a hiker to complete this section in Georgia.

Note. To complete Georgia from Unicoi, you have to hike to Deep Gap, NC, which makes this a section hike in excess of 35 miles. Word is that Deep Gap closes in the winter.

May 22nd - May 29th

6 nights, 7 days

The final dates will NOT be

weather dependent -  we are going

80.6 Miles - Appalachian Trail

This is a NoBo hike on the Appalachian Trail. Davenport Gap (TN32) to Sam's Gap, NC.

More details and exact dates to follow on the logistics and possible date changes.

You can hike at their own pace for this trip, with a rendezvous at a campsite or shelter each night. Jerry plans to hike this in 6 days and 5 nights. Others can take an extra day. The shuttle pickup can be scheduled two days in a row, if necessary. The idea is that everyone gets to set their own pace and time required to complete.

 - Note. We will not park at Sam's Gap, NC. We will likely park at a hostel, which is the reason for the need to have a shuttle pick us up at Sam's Gap.

* Let's Talk 2021 & 2022*

80.6 Mile Section Hike

Appalachian Trail (Davenport, TN to Sam's Gap, NC)

March / April 2021

This is an opportunity to test our abilities on two levels. Stringing together long days of hiking (13 miles or so), and performing a resupply in a town along the way (Hot Springs, NC). The resupply can occur in one of two ways; mailing a box to ourselves, or simply by purchasing our supplies in town.

Appalachian Trail Section Hikes

2021 and 2022

Jerry hopes to be north of Damascus, Virginia before the end of the 2021 hiking season, and will continue trekking north in 2022. Not to worry if you still want to hike Georgia or the lower portions of North Carolina. Those trips will continue to appear, and Jerry is willing to repeat some of those sections. By then there should be other Group Leaders to organize trips. There are 3 sections Jerry would repeat: Unicoi Gap to Dicks Creek Gap (Georgia), Deep Gap to Winding Stair Gap (North Carolina), and Winding Stair Gap to Wesser (North Carolina).

Introduction / Beginner Trips

Summer 2021

These trips will involve car camping with day hikes, or short easy trails to a campsite. The Black Balsam Knob area in Pisgah National Forest has been used for past Mountain Blazer introductory hikes. An area on the radar where we've never been is Doughton Park in North Carolina, up near the Virginia border off of Interstate 77.

Two Nights at Mt. Mitchell

July or August 2021

This is a beautiful area with great campsites, and an easy introduction to our club. This will be a Noon arrival for day one and hike about 2.5 miles to camp Maple Bald. Day two is a leisurely sleep-in morning, followed by 3 miles to Commissary Hill campsite, including a lunch stop. We will arrive at Commissary Hill early, so there will be opportunities for further day hiking on day two if desired. Day three is an easy 1.6 miles back to our vehicles.

Section Hike on the CDT

Rocky Mountains - Colorado

July 2021/2022 (TBD)

This will be an epic trip! CDT stands for Continental Divide Trail. The tentative plan is to hike 51 miles, which will include summiting two peaks above 14k.

Lots of planning to be done. Travel plans to and from Colorado. Total days spent in Colorado and total days hiking. Climate and altitude acclimatization, water sources, and campsite altitudes.


Ready for a Backpacking Trip?

You do not have to be a member of our club to go hiking with us.

Whether you have never been hiking, or are a member of the team, once you've decided on a scheduled trip listed on this page, simply select "Join us on a Hiking/Camping trip" below, or find your trip and select "Learn More", and then select "Join This Trip" in the drop down area. You will be taken to a form to complete. Soon after submitting your answers you will receive a personalized email from a group leader or hiking buddy. This email will be tailored to your level of hiking experience, and your contact will communicate with you all the way until meeting at the trailhead. At this point your backpacking experience has begun!


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