Backpack Review - Osprey Atmos 65AG

Osprey Atmos 65AG Backpack

5 out of 5 stars

Osprey is one of the top lines in backpacks. I absolutely love this pack.

The fit is perfect for my frame. It's readily apparent when I have the waist and shoulder straps tightened just right.

Osprey guarantees their packs for life. If a strap or buckle falls off you can send them the pack. If they can't fix it, they will replace it.

I spent some money for this pack. Just over $250 in 2015. I'd pay that much again. This, and the MSR backpacking stove, are two purchases for hiking gear where I was not budget conscious.

They thought of so many little things with this pack.

  • The chest strap has a whistle built into the buckle. It blows loud.

  • The side pockets for water bottles allow for easy access without having to remove the pack.

  • There is an inside pouch to hold a water bladder with an exit point for the drinking hose.

  • The left side has attachments for the stowing of your trekking poles.

  • There is a sleeping bag compartment on the bottom, and below that, straps to hang your backpack tent or whatever.

  • The removable brain has two compartments.

My first hike with this backpack, in 2015 from Winding Stair Gap to Wesser, NC.

I've owned this pack for over 5 years as of 2020, and I see no reason why it will not last me another decade.

If I do purchase another backpack, it will be to reduce weight. However, because the brain (the top portion) is removable, this helps me reduce weight for summer hiking. Therefore it is not very likely I will be replacing this backpack for the 2021 hiking season.

This is a 65 liter backpack. I perhaps should have purchased a 60 liter, or even a 55 liter backpack, but this is a small point. I’ve learned that I don’t have to stuff this one full when preparing for a backpacking trip.

Note. I am budget conscious in all backpacking gear purchases. My reviews are based upon multiple uses, spanning months or years.

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