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Mountain Blazer Membership Levels

Updated: Aug 26

There are Four Membership Levels (Outdoor Enthusiast, Backcountry Hiker, Trail Blazer, Group Leader).

Outdoor Enthusiast

  1. You have participated in one backpacking trip and provided a bio which includes your love for hiking.

Backcountry Hiker

  1. You've participated in three or more total backpacking trips.

  2. Full understanding of minimum equipment required to participate on a backpacking trip.

  3. One of the three trips covered a minimum of one night and two days, with 8 or more total miles of backpacking.

  4. One of the three trips covered a minimum of two nights and two days, with 8 or more total miles of backpacking.

  5. You are a self-sustaining hiker

  • Ability to setup camp and cook on your own unassisted.

  • Full understanding of water management and how to treat water.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of how to hang a bear bag.

Trail Blazer

  1. Has been backpacking for over a year (not necessarily with the Mountain Blazers).

  2. Has covered all requirements for the level of Backcountry Hiker.

  3. Can hang a bear bag without assistance.

  4. Been on one or more hiking trips, covering two days, with 16 or more total miles of backpacking.

Group Leader

  1. Has the ability and willingness to teach and lead.

  2. Has been hiking and backcountry camping in excess of three years.

  3. Has been on two or more trips covering three days, in excess of 24 miles total.

  4. Is comfortable hiking and camping in a rainy environment, and has the confidence to teach others how to cope and remain calm in poor weather.

  5. Understands and can teach basic map reading skills.

  6. Can teach how to cook, how to treat water, how to setup tents, how to hang bear bags, and takes ownership of ensuring people have the proper gear to attend a hiking trip.

  7. Has been observed acting as a Trail Guide by a Mountain Blazer Trail Guide (this includes planning and executing a hiking trip, and teaching new or prospective members on the observed trip).

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