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Gear Required for your First Hiking Trip

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

If heading out on your own for the first time, we strongly recommend following these guidelines for what you should bring.

If joining the Mountain Blazers for the first time you will be inspected to ensure compliance with the following minimum gear & equipment list. If any of the following items are not in possession the hiker will not be permitted to join the excursion with the Mountain Blazers.

Before going on a backpacking trip, or joining us, read the following 7 principles of Leave No Trace: https://lnt.org/why/7-principles/

Required Items

  • Backpack (must be capable of carrying everything, such that hands are free for use)

  • Water Containers capable of holding 3L of water (at least 2 separate containers)

  • Water must be stored within or on the backpack

  • Water Filtration System or Iodine Tablets

  • Waterproof Tent or Waterproof Hammock Sleep System, or similar

  • Make certain your tent is designed for backpacking. You might be asked to describe the features of the tent, and demonstrate how to set it up.

  • Sleeping Bag (suitable for temperatures to be encountered)

  • Waterproof Raincoat or Poncho

  • Suitable Hiking Footwear

  • Dry Sacks, or large trash bag, to keep clothes and sleeping bags dry inside your pack

  • Enough food to cover 3 meals a day

  • 1 bag (dry sack type) to store food, and must be capable of attaching to a carabiner, and should be water proof (this will be your bear bag)

  • Note: For every two hikers, one hiker will be required to carry enough rope and carabiners to hang a bear bag. Instruction for hanging a bear bag will be provided at the campsite if required.

  • A small first aid kit. Bandaids or pads to treat blisters. Neosporin. Ibuprofen.

  • Insect sting kit (epipens or benadryl REQUIRED if allergic to insect stings)

  • Trash bag, ziploc bag, or something similar to haul out ALL trash you generate

Recommended Items (these could be considered required)

  • Inflatable Insulated Sleeping Pad (STRONGLY encouraged in cooler weather)

  • A Camp Stove (or you will be jealous watching others eat a warm dinner)

  • Metal/Aluminum Cup to boil water - recommend 24 ounces

  • NOTE: A 24 ounce cup capable of boiling water allows you to use hot water to add to a freeze dried meal package, which reduces or eliminates the washing of dishes. If you want to carry the weight required to cook food over an open fire, that is your option.

  • A separate cup for drinking warm beverages (coffee or hot chocolate)

  • Trekking Poles (helps with hiking more than you think)

  • Waterproof Cover for your Backpack

  • Flashlight or Headlamp

  • Clothing suitable to the temperatures to be encountered

  • Camp clothes (clothes you do not use for hiking)

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, sanitary wipes, and hand sanitizer

The question here; do you really want to go to the woods without toilet paper?

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