Tennessee - 14.4 Mile AT Section Hike

Appalachian Trail Section Hike - 14.4 miles

13 March to 14 March, 2021

Tennessee: Walnut Mtn Road to Dennis Cove Rd

NoBo. Five hikers.

This is a nice section of the AT to get re-energized and back on the trail. A relatively easy section with plentiful selections for camping.

We chose to meet Friday evening and spend the night at Mountain Harbor Hostel, located just off the trail, between Roan Mtn, TN and Elk Park, NC. This is a nice hostel with friendly service. We scheduled a shuttle pick up on Sunday morning at 11 AM.

One of our hikers was unable to spend Saturday night on the trail. She drove us to Walnut Mtn Rd and hiked with us on Saturday until noon, and then returned to her car. It should be noted that Walnut Mtn Rd has very little parking, and a reputation for vandalism of vehicles left overnight. Her vehicle was not vandalized.

We were blessed with pleasant temperatures in the fifties, and calm winds. The trail for this section is typically rocky, as one might expect, with as many climbs as there are descents. None of the climbs were severe. We made it to Hardcore Cascades for lunch.

Lunch at the cascades

Our initial intent was to stay at Moreland Gap shelter that evening, but we arrived at 1:30 PM, so we decided to hike another 2.3 miles to a campsite listed on Guthook. It was a good decision. The campsite was serene, with plenty of room for four tents, and a piped water source. We had plenty of time to relax and enjoy a nice evening.

Tent site listed on Guthook, about 10.3 miles north from Walnut Mtn Road.

Note. The water from the piped source was flowing good enough, but should not be relied upon during the summer months. This is noted on Guthook.

Sunday morning we were greeted to a star-filled sky and 35 degrees. Very nice, calm morning for enjoying a hot cup of coffee. With only four miles remaining to Dennis Cove Rd, we departed around 8 AM, arriving early for our shuttle ride back to the hostel.

A wonderful return to the AT, with easy hiking, and lots of laughter among friends.

My "mobile" home at Dennis Cove Rd as we wait for our shuttle ride.

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