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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Eureka Midori 2 Backpacking Tent - 2015

4 out of 5 Stars

Eureka is a well-known brand for tents, including backpacking tents. I used this tent from 2015 until I purchased my Hyke & Byke tent late in the summer of 2019. Read that review here.

This tent was put to the test many times and it always performed! One of the last times I used it we encountered wind-driven rain on the top of Black Balsam Knob in June 2019. Wind gusts drove my tent poles into my head numerous times during the night. It never leaked! By this point I had owned it for 4 years.

This tent is easy to set up, and has a nice vestibule which I have used to cook breakfast and make my coffee (during times of rain). The vestibule itself was not as easy to set up as other tents I’ve owned. The newer versions of this model appear to have improved upon that.

My Eureka Midori 2 at Black Balsam Knob. This was the literal calm before the storm.

There is a removable net at the top for storage, as well as two side pockets on the inside. The newer models apparently have 4 pockets.

You can sleep without the rainfly at all for maximum ventilation, or with it partially secured back.

The bathtub floor and rain fly are made of 68 denier polyester. Very durable. During heavy rain I was not affected by splashing water. The bathtub floor is just high enough, and the rainfly secures tight and low.

My 2015 version was basically a one-person tent with additional space. The newer versions are true 2-person tents, with 2 vestibules and 2 doors.

The 4-star rating is primarily due to the weight of this tent. I would not call it heavy at 4 lbs, 13 ounces, but it definitely does not meet the standards of today’s lightweight tents.

In short, the Eureka Midori brands are great starter tents for backpacking

Note. I am budget conscious in all backpacking gear purchases. My reviews are based upon multiple uses, spanning months or years.

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