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Rules for articles and comments

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Submitting articles is highly encouraged by members of the Mountain Blazers. We also encouraged those who've signed up to comment, to do just that. Respond to our articles. Provide your own antidotes.

Articles and comments are how we continue to learn. In our opinion, the "expert hiker" does not exist.

The main rules for posting and commenting are as follows:

  1. Articles and comments should remain focused on hiking and camping.

  2. No derogatory language or anything accusatory or mean spirited.

  3. No political commentary or political discussions allowed.

  4. Self Defense items (carrying guns, pepper spray, bear spray) for the wilderness are permitted as a discussion item, but no 2nd amendment commentary or discussions allowed.

  5. Environmental articles, especially as pertaining to climate change, are okay if they relate to hiking or camping. For example, articles about leave no trace, or using care in not polluting rivers and streams, are fine. No articles which purely discuss the merits of human-caused climate change. Articles regarding the effects witnessed in the wilderness from climate change are permitted.

The administration reserves the right to delete an article or comment, and if necessary, to block a person from posting or commenting. Unless there is an egregious violation of these rules, we will try to provide at least one warning before any adverse action is taken.

Please keep it real. Discuss hiking and camping. Be kind to one another.

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